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  • Spray (200ml) for cleaning lenses, PC monitors, tablets, smartphones, TVs, glasses, mirrors
  • Formula 100% natural
  • Packaging 50% recycled plastic bottle
  • Included microfiber cloth


Cleaning spray suitable for lenses, PC monitors, tablets, smartphones, TVs, but also glasses and mirrors. Suitable for removing stains and dust and prevent the formation of halos. Contains surfactants containing RSPO certified palm oil. Does NOT contain Phosphorus.
Microfiber cloth included. Made in Italy.

Green plus:
• Formula 100% natural;
• Odorless, no fragrance added;
•Low toxicity for water organisms*;
• 50% recycled plastic bottle.

Instructions for use:
Spray a bit of the product on the desired surface and clean with the microfiber cloth. Repeat if necessary.

*Calculated on the cleaning solution in terms of CDVtox (litres) according to EUROPEAN COMMISSION DECISION (EU) 2017/1217 of June 23, 2017