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Cookie Policy


This “extended policy” has been drafted and customised specifically for this website in accordance with the provisions of the Measure of May 8th, 2014, issued the Italian Data Protection Authority. It supplements and updates any information already on the website and/or previously issued by the company, in combination with which it provides all parts required by Art. 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679, as well as further Measures issued by the Italian Data Protection Authority.

Important disclaimer

All third parties are informed that using this policy, or parts of it, on other websites in reference to which it would certainly be irrelevant and/or incorrect and/or inconsistent, may lead to the Italian Data Protection Authority imposing heavy penalties.

Policy subject

On this website, our company uses technologies that employ so-called “cookies”, and this policy aims to illustrate for the user clearly and precisely how they are used. This document nullifies and wholly replaces any previous information provided by the company on the subject of cookies, which is therefore to be considered completely obsolete.

What are cookies?

Cookies are strings of text (small files) that websites visited by a user send to his/her terminal (PC, tablet, smart phone, etc.), where they are stored and then retransmitted to the websites that originally sent them during that user’s next visit.

Types of cookies and their purposes

This website uses the following types of cookies:

Technical cookies: these allow users to navigate the website optimally and quickly, efficiently using the services and/or options it offers, enabling, for example, purchases to be made or access to restricted areas to be authenticated. These cookies are essential for improving the website’s usability, though may still be disabled.

Analytical cookies: these are tools for anonymous and aggregate web analysis, which allow us to have information on how users use the website, how they got there, the number and duration of visits, etc. These cookies allow improvements to be made to the website, which facilitate user access and process statistics. These cookies are not essential for optimum website usability and therefore can be disabled.

Profiling cookies: these are tools that allow a detailed “profile” of individual customers to be created, with the aim of sending targeted advertisements. More specifically, every time a user visits the website, information is collected through studying his/her behaviour within individual pages visited, on his/her habits, tastes, favourite products, etc. This then allows our company to “catalogue” the user and show/send him/her personalised advertisements. These cookies are not essential for website navigation and can therefore be disabled.

Third-party cookies: these are cookies installed on the user’s terminal by third-party website operators through this website. Third-party cookies are mainly for analytical purposes and are largely derived from the Google Analytics feature. You can learn more about Google Analytics by clicking on the following link:

To disable cookies and prevent Google Analytics from collecting browsing data, you can download the browser add-on to disable Google Analytics by clicking on the following link:

Browser settings

We would also like to inform you that users can independently configure their privacy settings in relation to installing and using cookies at any time through their own browser by following the relevant instructions.

Furthermore, users can turn on “private browsing”, which stops their browsers saving history of websites visited, any passwords entered, cookies and other information on the pages visited.

Please be warned that if a user decides to disable all cookies (including technical ones), the quality and speed of services offered by this website may deteriorate drastically and you may lose access to some sections of the website itself.

Practical user instructions for correctly setting their browser

To block or limit the use of cookies by both this and other websites through your own browser, follow the simple instructions below referring to the most commonly used browsers.

Google Chrome: click on the “Customise and manage Google Chrome” icon located in the top right-hand corner, then select “Settings” from the menu. From the screen that opens, select “Show advanced settings” from the menu options, then “Privacy” and click on “Content settings” where you can block all or some cookies.

Microsoft Internet Explorer: click on the “Tools” icon located in the top right-hand corner, then select “Internet options” from the menu. From the screen that opens, select “Privacy” from the menu where you can block all or some cookies.

Mozilla Firefox: from the drop-down menu in the top left-hand corner, select “Options”. From the screen that opens, select “Privacy” from the menu where you can block all or some cookies.

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