Desk 100 R


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Orientable monitor stand

  • Warranty (years) 2
  • Max weight (Kg) 10
  • Horizontal rotation (°) 90
  • Tilting + (°) 45
  • Tilting - (°) 45
  • Monitor dimensions (") 13-27
  • VESA 75-100

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Desk 100 R is the monitor stand with a single arm, adjustable both horizontally and vertically, adjustable in height thanks to a practical lever and equipped with a system to hide wires to sort all the connecting cables. The support, in addition to being vertically and horizontally adjustable, allows you to rotate the monitor on itself of 360 °!

Desk 100 R is an ideal solution for professionals who spend long hours at the PC, ensuring maximum comfort and also functional advantages: the ability to orient the monitor allows for example to show the screen to the neighbor of the desk, or to the participants of a business meeting.

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