Torre Style L60


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Universal overlapping kit for washing machine and dryer in technopolymer.
Dimensions (W x D) 60 x 55 cm. Safety belt included. Made in Italy.

  • Universal
  • Warranty (years) 10 anni
  • Max weight (Kg) 250


BASE TORRE STYLE is the technopolymer overlap kit for overlapping washing machine and dryer.
Universal design, compatible with most front loading washing machines and dryers, 60 cm wide and a depth of 60 cm.

Maximum bearable weight: 250kg

Allows you to gain space by placing the dryer above the washing machine

Reinforced ultra-strong technopolymer structure , gives stability to the appliances

Includes 6-metre safety belt with metal buckle

kit without buttonholes, external passage of the belt

Pre-assembled and quick to install