AMP 200


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2-way indoor signal amplifier. Improves the signal in case of noise or environmental interference.

  • Amplification (dB) 20
  • Power supply 230V
  • Filters 4G LTE
  • Warranty (years) 2


Amplifies signals more than 10 times.

Improves signal quality in the case of too weak an input signal and in the case of disturbances due to excessively long connections

Also ideal for distributing the amplified signal to two separate devices.

Improved amplification adjustment range – helps avoid signal saturation.

Equipped with filters to avoid interference.

Easy to install, ready to use

– 1 input socket / 2 output sockets 75 Ohm
– Adjustable amplification up to 20 dB
– Power supply 230 Vac / 50 Hz 3W
– Frequency range 40 – 790 MHz

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