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Wireless TV headset with charging cradle and analogue audio input (3.5 mm jack). Max. range 100m

  • Recharging base
  • Audio input analogic (Jack 3.5mm)
  • Maximum range (m) 100 (in open field)
  • Transmission wireless UHF 863-865 MHz
  • Available channels 3


• Wireless system (863 MHz) that allows you to listen to programs without the encumbrance of cables and leaving complete freedom of movement.
• Maximum range 100 m in open field.
• Quick connection to TV and other analog audio sources via AUX cable (3.5mm jack) included.
• Convenient, stylish base to position and charge the headsets after use.
• 8 hours of continuous use thanks to included rechargeable batteries.
• Volume control feature on headsets.
• Excellent noise isolation from ambient noise thanks to large earcups.
• Adjustable headband ideal for extended use.
• Three transmission channels available to prevent interferences

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