Gumbody Personal 4 plus per PHILIPS


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Replacement remote control for PHILIPS digital TVs. Already pre-programmed. All original infrared functions available. Anti-shock rubber body. Full web support

  • Learning function
  • Protection
  • Controllable devices 1
  • Type of devices TV_PHILIPS
  • Ready to use Yes

Remote control assistance


• Replacement remote control for 1 PHILIPS TV, it replaces the original TV remote control that does not work, is broken or lost.
• Already programmed for PHILIPS TV (no programming code required. May require a simple initial setting to better function).
• All infrared functions of the original remote controls available. Thanks to the tables on, you can see exactly which buttons have the original functions you are looking for.
• The ergonomic shape and soft rubber body make it easy to grip, and protect the remote control from knocks and drops.
• Learn function: it can copy functions from the original remote. Ideal for controlling the volume function of soundbars and home-audio systems connected to the TV.
• Full web support at (code search software, key/function correspondence tables, image search, complete PDF instruction manual, video tutorials, frequently asked questions and more).