Eco Wipes Fridge


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  • Flowpack of 50 wipes for fridge cleaning
  • No rinsing after usage no water wasting
  • Packaging recyclable plastic
  • 100% compostable


Cleaning wipes for fridge, suitable for preventing the formation of molds and removes bad odors.
50 wet wipes, 19×17 format. Made in Italy.

Green plus:
• 50 wipes, 100% compostable. Viscose fabric
• No rinsing after usage necessary
• Low toxicity for acquatic organisms*
• Recyclable plastic packaging

Instructions for use:
• Pullout the wipe and clean the desired surface.
• Always close the package in order to preserve the effectiveness of the wipes over time.
• Suitable for daily and frequent use

*Calculated on the cleaning solution in terms of CDVtox (litres) according to EUROPEAN COMMISSION DECISION (EU) 2017/1217 of June 23, 2017