Gumbody Personal 5 Plus per PANASONIC

22.98 €

Technical Specifications

  • Controllable devices: 1
  • Type of devices: TV PANASONIC
  • Protection: Si
  • Features: Pronto all'uso, non necessita di programmazione
  • Learning function: SI



Already programmed for PANASONIC TV (no need to enter a programming code).
It reproduces infrared signals corresponding to the original remote control; the functions that operate in radiofrequency (e.g. voice commands and pointers) are not supported. Thanks to the tables on, you can check exactly on which buttons you can find the desired original functions.
Shockproof rubber body
Moreover signals from other remote controls can be acquired (LEARN function). You can customise the remote control to your requirements and, for example, control sound bars and home audio systems.
Complete online support (with programs, instructions and dedicated video guides) on

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  • TV only
  • ready to use
  • Impact-proof
  • Clones the original remote control

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