Algo 2

Out of production

Technical Specifications

  • Controllable devices: 2
  • Type of devices: TV or digital terrestrial tuner o satellite tuner or DVD/Blu-ray or VCR or multimedia player or IPTV or Xbox360 or PS2
  • Protection: no
  • Database update: ready
  • Codes via SMS: no


• It can be programmed online with the IR-USB module (supplied separately)
• It can control up to 2 devices chosen among TV, digital terrestrial tuner, satellite tuner, DVD/Blu-ray, VCR and media centre of all brands. Ideal for TV and tuner.
• It has all the functions of the original remote controls.
• It features the LEARN function which enables it to learn the signals of any working original infrared remote control (see instructions)
• Can be reprogrammed over and over again if necessary
• It does not lose the programs even if the batteries are removed
• It features up to 41 direct functions and other 41 functions by pressing the SHIFT key and the key corresponding to the chosen function
• Batteries not included (2 x 1.5 V AAA/LR03)

How to program Algo 2
To program ALGO 2, you need a special infrared device, distributed by Meliconi, that can be plugged into any PC through a USB port. After plugging in the device, connect to the online help of the product and follow the on-screen instructions.

To program the ALGO and FLASH remote controls without having to connect up to the internet you can download onto your hard disk the appropriate program here.

Dimensions: 18 x 2 x 5


  • Clones the original remote control
  • Repairers

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