Algo 2 RC

Out of production

Technical Specifications

  • Controllable devices: 2
  • Type of devices: TV o Decoder terrestre o satellitare o DVD/Blu Ray o VCR o Box multimediali o IPTV o Xbox360 o PS2
  • Protection: no
  • Database update: predisposto


Before using the remote control, it should be programmed via the internet using a special audio interface module ("OPTO-PROBE") supplied separately.
• It can control up to 2 audio video devices, such as TVs, digital terrestrial or satellite decoders, DVD/Blu Ray, VCRs, and all makes of Media Centers. Ideal for TV and decoder.
• It features all the functions of original remote controls.
• It includes the LEARN function via which it can learn the signals from any original operational infrared remote control (see instructions)
• It can be re-programmed many times
• It does not lose programming even when the batteries are removed
• It features a maximum of 41 direct functions and another 41 functions that can be obtained by pressing the “SHIFT” key together with the key for the chosen function
• Batteries not included (2 x 1,5 V AAA/LR03)

How to programme the Algo 2 RC
To programme the ALGO 2 RC first acquire the new special infrared module distributed by Meliconi that can be connected to your PC, smartphone or tablet via the 3.5mm audio jack and to the power supply via USB (IMPORTANT: the new module is WHITE and no longer black as it was previously). Once you have connected the module, simply click on FIND THE CODE FOR YOUR REMOTE shown above and follow the instructions on the screen.

In any case, the ALGO 2 RC remote control can still be programmed using the BLACK module used previously for the Algo 2, by downloading onto your hard disk this programme here

Dimensions: 18 x 2 x 5


  • TV and tuner
  • Clones the original remote control
  • Repairers