Remote controls

Meliconi universal remote controls are created by an ingenious and innovative intuition: combining two functions in one product, remote control and protective shell.

Starting from this revolutionary concept, the Bologna-based company has developed over the years several lines of technologically advanced remote controls, each designed to meet the special needs of different types of consumers*.

The latest generation of Meliconi remote controls offers highly innovative solutions: all Gumbody and Pratico models can be updated at any moment connecting the remote control to a PC (connected to the Internet) through a special audio cable (for some models the cable is included in the package, for others it can be purchased separately) and following the online instructions. In this way the remote controls will never become obsolete. Furthermore the Senior 2 model, with its keypad featured by clearly visible symbols, made to simultaneously control TV and DTT tuner is designed specifically for those no longer young and those who love the highest simplicity.

All Meliconi universal remote controls are elegant, modern, easy to program and versatile: thanks to the very large and constantly updated database, these remote controls are compatible with nearly all the models of TV sets and other audio-video devices existing in the world.

And now they are even easier to program, thanks to the specialized call centre, to the online guide and to the new programming system via SMS designed by Meliconi as an additional support to the consumer.

In addition to universal remote controls, Meliconi also offer several lines of dedicated remote controls that are already set to control the relevant equipment out of the box, without further programming. They can be purchased from electronic spare parts dealers (Algo and Flash) or directly (dedicated remote controls, IRWEB)

* the models Pratico, Speedy 210 combo, Fully 8 RC and Control are not provided with protective shell.