Vinyl Kit Deluxe

29.99 € 49.98 €

Technical Specifications

  • Pulizia Vinili
  • Accessories: 8 prodotti specifici per la pulizia dei vinili


Complete kit for the cleaning and maintenance of vinyl records.

The kit is composed of 8 products:

- A plastic stabiliser to reduce the vibrations of the vinyl disc on the record player
- A bottle with 200ml of specific vinyl cleaning solution
- An antistatic brush in carbon fibre for removing dust from records
- A velvet brush to dry the solution and remove dirt
- A stylus cleaning brush to remove dust and residue
- A microfibre cloth to remove traces of dust and other impurities
- A cotton glove to handle the vinyl records with the utmost care
- The box of the product, in pressed cardboard, can be used to store up to 20 records

Included in the box is a short guide to taking proper care of your LPs with “tips from the experts”

The box is 20x33,5x7 cm