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Technical Specifications

  • Transmission: 2.4 GHz wireless system
  • Max range (m): 20
  • Features: neodymium
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• 2.4 GHz wireless system lets you listen to your favourite programs, films or music without cumbersome wires and with total freedom of movement
• Maximum receptio n range without obstacles 20 metres
• Reproduction of stereo audio signals without interferences (in optimal conditions)
• Quick connection to TV, Hi-Fi audio systems and other analogue audio sources
• The arc passes under your chin for a more comfortable and light solution compared to traditional headphones
• The headphones are powered with a removable module containing a lithium battery. 2 modules with battery are included
• The headphones can be stored on the recharging base to charge the internal module. The battery of the second module
can be recharged at the same time
• 4 + 4 hours of continuous operation with the batteries supplied
• Volume control function on the headphones
• Sound balance control
• Microphone pushbutton on the headphones (mutes the audio input and transforms the headphones in an amplified microphone to hear nearby voices and sounds)
• Sound equalizer function (you can choose from 3 different settings)
• Automatic power down of the base when there is no signal
• Mono or stereo option

• AC power supply unit, 5V 550 mA
• 2 lithium polymer rechargeable batteries
• 3.5 mm audio cable
• RCA audio cable adapter
• External microphone
• 1 pair of spare rubber pads

Dimensions with base: 16 x 8 x 28

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