139.98 €

Technical Specifications

  • Transmission: 2.4 GHz wireless system
  • Max range (m): 20
  • Audio input: digital optical, analogic
  • base di ricarica: yes


• Wireless digital system that allows you to listen to TV programmes, films or music with no cables and complete freedom of movement
• Transmission distance up to 30 metres in open field.
• Stereo audio playback without interference (with ideal conditions
• Quick connection to TV, Decoder, Blu ray and other analogue and digital audio sources
• The headset has 2 audio inputs - optical digital and 3.5mm stereo - so as to be compatible with virtually all TV models.
• The band passes under the chin, offering a lighter, more comfortable solution than traditional headsets.
• The headset runs on a lithium battery. Two batteries included in the pack.
• Support base ideal for storing and charging the headset after use. Can be used for recharging the second battery in the pack together with the battery in the headset.
• 8 hours of continuous use with the two batteries provided.
• Volume control and sound balance function (on the headset).
• Microphone can be activated on the headset (the incoming audio can be muted and the headset can be turned into an amplified microphone to hear surrounding voices and sounds.
• Sound equalisation function (3 equalisations can be selected)
• Automatic switch-off function in the absence of a signal
• Mono or stereo mode can be selected

• Rechargeable lithium polymer battery (x 2)
• AC power supply 5V 1000mA
• Analogue audio stereo cable (3.5 mm jack)
• 0.75 cm optical digital cable (TOSLINK)
• 2 spare rubber ear pads

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