AV 100 Mini

Out of production

Technical Specifications

  • Max range (m): 100 (20 indoor)
  • Transmission band (GHz): 5,8
  • Available channels: 7
  • Pay TV compatible: yes


Ideal for transmitting images and stereo sound in wireless mode from an AV device (satellite decoder, digital terrestrial decoder, DVD, VCR, CAM) to a TV located in another room. Specially recommended for viewing
a pay TV signal on a secondary TV without having to purchase other decoders.
• Thanks to the remote control extender all the devices connected to the main TV can be controlled using the original remote control directly from the room where the second TV is located.
• 5.8 GHz transmission band. Does not clash with most common Wi-Fi devices on the 2.4GHz band.
• 7 selectable Audio Video transmission channels to avoid interference from similar devices operating nearby.
• Signal passes through walls. Average range 20 m, up to 100 m in environments free of
• Reduced size (12 x 6.5 x 3 cm) for minimum encumbrance.

IMPORTANT: The AV 100 MINI is designed to transmit composite video (CVBS) signals. It does not transfer High Definition or RGB signals.

• 1 audio/video transmitter
• 1 audio/video receiver
• 2 power adaptors: input voltage 230 V a.c. 50Hz; output voltage 9 V d.c. 300 mA
• 1 cable with infrared emitter
• 2 jack audio / SCART cables (not interchangeable)