AT38 Plus

22.98 €

Technical Specifications

  • Gain adjustment (dB): 38
  • Signal reception: DVB-T, DAB, DVB-T HD, DVB-T2
  • Filters: 4G LTE / GSM
  • Power supply (V): 220V power unit + 12V arrangement
  • Tuner band: UHF e VHF banda III


• Amplifies digital terrestrial TV and digital radio signals
• Receives signals in the UHF bands and VHF III band.
• Compatible with High Definition TV signals
• Adjustable amplification up to 38 dB
• Equipped with filters to avoid noise from 4G/LTE/GSM signals for high audio and image quality.
• Central receiving element that can be freely rotated in order to optimise reception even in low signal areas.
• Telescopic aerials for better reception of VHF band signals
• Power supply 220/240 V
• Ready for use on caravans, boats or when camping thanks to its 12 V power socket (adaptor not supplied)

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