AD Professional LTE

Technical Specifications

  • Max range (Km): DVB-T, DAB, DVB-T HD, DVB-T2
  • Ideal for: 4G LTE / GSM
  • Power supply (V): 220V power unit + 12V + 5V arrangement by means of the antenna cable through the provided decoder
  • Tuner band: VHF + UHF (174 ~ 790 MHz)


• Optimal reception of digital terrestrial TV (DVB-T) signals and digital radio signals (DAB) via tuner.
• Compatible with High Definition terrestrial TV signals
• Maximum power: adjustable amplification up to 47 dB.
• Equipped with filters to avoid noise from 4G/LTE/GSM signals for high audio and image quality.
• Powered by the tuner if this type of connection is provided or by the included 220/240 V power unit.
• Call Centre.

• IEC-male to IEC-male coaxial cable
• AC/DC power supply unit

Dimensions: 20 x 1.5

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